Poplar Middle School: Keys to Success

waoki hipi Ekta Iyuh’doka

The mission of Poplar Middle School is to educate all students in academics and social skills necessary for success.  Our staff, in cooperation with families and the and community, will teach a challenging and culturally enriched curriculum in a safe and creative environment.

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A Message from the Principal

I am the Poplar Middle School Principal servicing grades 5-8. This will be my 3rd year as the head principal here in Poplar.  Prior to that I was the Dean of Students for two years, and taught 8th grade English for 5 years before that.  

Each day I enter the building striving to do what is best for our students.  I take a great deal of pride in our school and will always do whats best for the Poplar Middle School.  I am a product of the Poplar community and school system and look forward to continuing to serve back to the community and school that has already given so much to me. --Morgan Norgaard



A Message from the Assistant Principal

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My mother-In-law, Judi Bennett, graduated for Poplar High School in the 1950’s. Before her journey to see the Creator she asked me to come to Poplar and to teach on the reservation where she grew up. I finally completed her request when I was hired here in August 2017.

I was fortunate to be a basketball player and had the opportunity to play against many NBA players including David Robinson (San Antonio Spurs), “Fat” Lever (Denver Nuggets),  and more. After playing basketball professionally in Carcassonne, France, I enlisted in the US Army, and then became a special operation officer in the United States Department of Justice.  

I worked in maximum security prisons where I experienced young men coming into the system at the early ages of 18 with life sentences and no chance of ever getting out for the rest of their lives. It saddened me greatly. I was seriously injured and was retired.  I decided then that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of students, so I convinced the Office of Personnel Management to allow me to retrain and enter the education field.

I believe my greatest accomplishments are in becoming an educator, working here in Poplar and fulfilling my Mother-In-Law’s request of teaching here on the reservation. I hope to be able to honor her, reach our students and to be a catalyst to educate our students. Stop by anytime for a chat. I look forward to meeting you!! –Lewis Reese

P.S.--  Special thanks to our school counselor for creating and making this website available to students, staff and the community as part of her vision and commitment to implementing a solid comprehensive school counseling program at Poplar Middle School.



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